Thanks For Asking

by Anderson Ferry

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released October 1, 2014

A big thanks to Bill Gwynne, Ultrasuede, and Group Effort Studios.



all rights reserved


Anderson Ferry Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Foreign English
Welcome to my home
Where we bite off more than we can chew
and things are quickly wrapped around you
Trust me, you never got to do this before

All my heroes are dead
It's a mess here and I just want to be done
I'm ready to drive into the sun
All I needed was to be touched by you

Got me feeling like a tool
Wish I could use my legs
Wish I would have learned the rules
but now it's far too late
and until I find my way home
Yeah, I'll just stay here

Jimmy, be a man
You've only gotten what you don't deserve
Your faded perceptions are staining your skirt
Oh, I'll see you on the pale side of life

Track Name: Plans
Hello there, goddess of the mountains
Here I am
Let's drink from the fountain, yeah

And pretend, that's all we can do
And again, then again, things fall through

So come paint pictures with me
Up in the mountains, we're free
We don't need any company
Stay with me and breath

Laying here with you in the mountains, Realize
This place is perfect for our love to begin

And pretend, that's all we can do
And resend, that's all we can do


And resend, that's all we can do
And again, yeah

Track Name: Speed
I thought I passed you a long time ago
Speed was on my side and I was ready to go
Isolated, long have I lived for
Long have I waited for a way out.

Open your doors, I can see the stars closing in on me
And things were falling from the sky

And it does not matter
how fast you can run
Or how long
You can hide

Rides long into the black night
You will find yourself there
Don't bring what you don't want to lose
Because you'll lose it.

Open your doors, I can see the stars closing in on me
And things were falling from the sky


Lovers lost in the net of time
You may never see them again

So open your doors, I can see the stars closing in on me
and things were falling from the sky

(Chorus) 2x
Track Name: Andrea
We can fall asleep together
We will remain this way forever
Let's climb to outer space and live there
It's our one secret place and we won't share

And the world seems so true through your eyes
And every word you speak gets magnified.
Like talking to myself with two different eyes

You are always dressed in white
looking for a lover
Sadder you have found no one
but I don't need a ladder (4x)

We are like clones not sharing a home
So far away as lovers
But I still need no ladder
to see eye to eye with you

Track Name: All The Colors
Out on the run
From the heart's beat
And I'm shoved in the backseat
In traffic on main street

And the driver is fast asleep
behind the steering wheel of his dreams
and he's got no one to meet
except for me, and him for me

So ramble on, Sweet Melissa
I will never catch up to you
You own all the colors
and I am stuck with blue
Nobody knows because I can't call home

And the highway is no place for children
It's a gentleman's cemented world
No speed is fast enough, though
To keep my fingers uncurled (2x)